Berix Restuarant is family owned and operated.

Opened in April of 2002.  Started out on 4620 Morganford in St. Louis.  In the same location, we had our coffee production facility for the production of Turkish Coffee.  The rest of the area was used for the preparation of food.

Owner Beriz Nukic and wife Dzevida Nukic began with the sale of food on April 20th 2002.  The Morganford location had three tables and six chairs.  The menu only consisted of Burek, Sirnica, Kebab and several kinds of home-made desserts prepared by Dzevida.
Since the quality of our food spoke for itself, we soon hired Meliha Subasic to work on our food, and she has been with us ever since.  We soon realized the need to expand in both area and workers.

In May of 2003, the 3500 sq. ft. location on 5053 Gravois was Purchased.  It has been redesigned and created so the location houses a 1000 sq. ft. kitchen and seating for 100.  At Berix Restaurant, you will always be treated with a welcoming atmosphere and the service of the owner and his family.  Today's number of eight full time employees speaks for Berix and the quality of our products.  The menu has been expanded so that now you are able to get some of the best soups, cooked entres, grilled entres and desserts around town.

The location has been designed to give a comforting atmosphere.  All the meals are prepared according the most classic and proven of recipes and the menu has been created to suit both bosnian and american visitors.
Visit us and see for yourself that what we have said is believable.

Our full menu is available on our site for you to view with concise but detailed explanations of each dish, pictures and full pricing.

We would like to thank everybody that has visited us, and for those who have yet to come by we welcome you.


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